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Lost in Pathless Woods II

Doug Chinnery
"Mankind has so much to learn from the creation around him. Despite the assertion that we are supposed to be making 'progress', getting smarter, better, fitter, what we are actually doing is killing the planet which sustains us. Yet, in nature everything naturally has a zero footprint. Everything recycles. Nothing is wasted. Everything lives in harmony and left to its own devices, repairs itself and will flourish. Not only that, it manages to astound us with its indescribable beauty, from the complexity of atomic level particles through to the ecology of forests and oceans. Man's inherent greed and selfishness from an individual to a global level drives the destruction of our world. Yet there is hope. The natural world is so wonderful that just given a chance it has the ability it was designed with to self-repair, to regenerate, to heal, to return this planet back to how it should be. We all, as custodians have a responsibility to do what we individually can to live in harmony with the ecosystems around us, to live as sustainably as possible and to do what we can to help life on our planet thrive. "